No Insurance? No Problem!

Our office plan is a reduced fee program that allows individuals and families - just like yours - to receive quality dental services at fees that make sense in today's economy.
Benefits will begin immediately upon payment of your annual fee.
Our plan provides the following benefits:
  • 2 free regular teeth cleanings per year including the check-up exam, 1 set of bitewing x-rays, and 1 fluoride treatment.
  • First time patients will receive their initial examination and any needed x-rays at no cost.
  • Free at home whitening system.
Significant fee reductions on the following dental procedures:
  • 20% off most services, including fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, porcelain veneers, periodontal treatment, and additional simple cleanings or x-rays that may be necessary.
  • 80% off all Emergency exams.
  • 50% off IV sedation for anxious patients.