Cincinnati Veneers and Implants

Sedation Dentistry

We offer 3 main types of sedation in our office:

An inhaled gas that reduces anxiety and is the best option for most patients who may be slightly anxious with dentists. You breathe the vapor through a mask placed over your nose. There is no drowsiness after and you are safe to drive home.  This is great for children. 

A type of sedation where you can take a medication prior to the appointment which eases your nerves. This can be used in children and adults. We will select the medication and dosage given to you based on your medical history and medications taken. We also monitor your vital signs with a pulse oximeter throughout the procedure, which is a machine that measures the relative amount of oxygen in your blood. Most of the time the patient does not remember coming to the office and having work done. With this type, as well as IV sedation, an escort or ride must be present to bring you and take you home from our office.

Known as twilight sleep, it is mostly used for severely anxious patients and for patients wishing to be a little more comfortable during a long procedure. If you can have your blood drawn at your doctor's office then you can surely be a candidate for IV sedation. In this type of sedation we simply place an IV and once we start giving the medication the patient will remember little, if any, of the appointment.

All of the options discussed above are safe as long as the patient discloses all pertinent medical information to the staff.